Wenli Academy’s Study Tour About European Classical Culture

On January 5-6, 2018, Professor Luigi Miraglia, Dean of Academy Vivarium Novum in Italy, and Associate Dean and a number of faculty teachers visited Wenli Academy and opened a two-day western classical workshop. On the evening of January 5, Professor Wang Caigui, Dean of the Wenli Academy, and Professor Nyaupane from the Sanskrit University in Kathmandu, Nepal, met in person to discuss the development of human civilization. Due to the cultural significance, this meeting was called the “Millennium Meeting.” 

Professor Miraglia, Dean of Academy Vivarium Novum, said: 

When we first heard about Wenli Academy while in Italy, we all agreed to go there. Then we came to China to visit it and see our brothers and sisters in the East of China. We are just like family. Just like the two long separated family members can finally meet and communicate with each other. We also want to work with these brothers and sisters and go hand in hand to overcome the difficulties brought by our society. … Teachers and students of the Wenli Academy, please remember that you also have a home in Italy – Academy Vivarium Novum is your home in Italy. Please come to Academy Vivarium Novum.

The “Millennium Meeting” at Wenli Academy in January 2018, with Professor Wang Caigui, in the middle of the front row, Professor Nyaupane from Nepal in the second on the left and Professor Luigi Miraglia in the middle of the back row.
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